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MTH O-Gauge Union Pacific AB Unit Gas Turbine w/ Tender - Proto Sound (3 pcs)

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This is a pre-owned O gauge locomotive that was purchased in a collection. Locomotive and supporting pieces are sold as is but have been tested and run smoothly. Please view photos for more detail and call if you have any questions.

Note: All used items are non-returnable, so please ask any question prior to purchase, but we will test all purchases prior to in-store pick-up or before shipping.

Gas Turbine Diesel Engine Set w/Proto-Sound 2.0 - Union Pacific Cab Nos.: A Unit - 26 B
Road Name: Union Pacific

Product Item Number: 20-2615-1
Catalog: BS 2005 Volume 2
Product Line: Premier
Scale: O Scale
Delivery Status:
Delivered DEC. 2005
This product is compatible with all O Gauge 3-Rail track systems including those systems offered by Atlas and Lionel and Gargraves and Ross Custom Switches.Unit - 26B Tender - 26

By 1958, the Union Pacific Railroad had already incorporated several turbine engines on their roster with very satisfactory results. Though these earlier turbines’ lives were short-lived, the U.P. began taking delivery over the next ten years of 30 Super Turbines that each averaged 12,000 miles per month. The 178' long three-unit consists of two powered units and a fuel tender. The A unit housed the cab, control units and an 850 horsepower diesel engine while the B unit included the turbine, exhaust blower, compressors and two 3500 horsepower generators. The diesel engine in the control unit allowed the turbines to be shut down during yard maneuvers when the turbine was apt to consume huge quantities of fuel. The turbine unit's air intake could gulp 320,000 cubic feet of air every minute while generating incredibly hot exhaust gasses of more than 850 degrees fahrenheit. In fact, the gasses were so hot that the U.P. issued strict orders not to idle the turbine under bridges out of concern that the gasses could weaken their structures. What distinguished the Super Turbines more than even their length was their incredible noise. The huge turbine omitted exhaust noise not unlike that of a jet engine thus earning the engine the nickname "Big Blow". The U.P. lived with the noise by accepting the incredible power the turbine motors generated. Each unit could muster 8,500 horsepower when first delivered. Subsequent modifications bumped the rating up to 10,000 horsepower. Unfortunately, the huge engines proved too costly to maintain despite their high horsepower benefits. Retirements began in 1968 and by 1969 the last of the Super Turbines had been traded back to General Electric for newer locomotives like the U50C. Recapture the power and performance of the Big Blow on your O Scale model railroad with the 2005 Premier Line version of this incredible locomotive. Equipped with four motors (two inside the A and B Units) and a die-cast fuel tender, this massive model will quickly prove its mettle as your freight hauling locomotive of choice. Fully equipped with Proto-Sound 2.0 and loads of enhanced detail, you simply won't find a more exciting locomotive to operate. Did You Know? The insulated fuel tender used on the Big Blow was equipped with six electrical heating elements on each side. The heaters were needed to heat up the fuel oil prior to use so that the fuel's viscosity was sufficient to flow through the turbine's combustion chambers.

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