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  • Magnum Rubber Band Guns

    GL2RCB3A Rifle Cross Bow Set w/3 Arrows


    Our newly designed Rifle Crossbow looks and shoots great.  The “Hornet” comes with 3 Arrows.  This item is super popular already; get yours today!

  • Magnum Rubber Band Guns

    GL2JRAR15 Jr. AR-15 Rifle


    Note Ammo Sold Separately Size #33 YELLOW rubber bands Overall Gun Length: 24" Rubber Band Stretch: 15"

  • Magnum Rubber Band Guns

    GL2C22 Colt 22 Pistol


    A great little gun when you're not hunting big game. This pistol fits in your pocket easily and fires off 12 rounds as fast as you can pull the tri...

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  • Magnum Rubber Band Guns

    010NBL Noble Dagger


    Note Smooth finished 12.5-inch Birch Plywood Medieval Dagger.