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LNL2434010 ** D&RGW GP7 #5100 LC+2.0

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Lionel 2434010 D&RGW LionChief Plus 2.0 GP7 #5100
Our new LC+2.0 GP7 includes an all-new scale body with improved handrails and molded on details over our previous LC+ locomotive. Under the hood you'll still get our reliable two-motor drive, TMCC, Bluetooth and conventional control abilities, and all the other LC+2.0 light, sound and smoke features!
Command Control equipped - Operate via Bluetooth using Universal Remote or LionChief App
Operate via Command Control using TMCC or LEGACY Cab
Operate via conventional transformer
Lash-up with similar LCC locomotives in Command Control
Speed control
Lionel Voice Control (LVC) - run your locomotive by speaking commands into your phone via LionChief App
Railsounds equipped - Steam engine and background sound, Whistle (5 pitch levels), Bell (5 pitch levels), and Crewtalk / Towercom dialog
Fan-driven smoke
Rear ElectroCouplers™
Powerful maintenance-free motor
Flickering Firebox
Die-cast boiler and frame
Die-cast metal tender body and trucks
Jeweled marker lights (non-illuminated)
O Gauge
Minimum Curve: O31
Road Name: D&RGW
Road Number: 5100
Engine Type: Diesel
Length: 14 3/4"

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