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ROELK602 Rolife Classic Printing Press

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ROKR Classic Printing Press adopts moveable-type printing, allowing you to freely customize and effortlessly print messages and cards.

Welcome to the world of the Little Bear Print Factory! Just press the handle, and watch the gears set the cute bear in action. LED lights inside the light up bear paws and inkwell when the print is done and then release the handle! This ROKR Classic Printing Press contains a sealed black ink cartridge, and you can prepare to add more water-based ink for endless prints. It's like a little bear printing factory, where bears climb stairs and ink things up. Make printing a meaningful experience with the Classic Printing Press and it's perfect for unlocking creativity and fun play to your life!

Easy Fit Puzzle
The model can be fit with easy insertion but no glue required. Enjoy the satisfaction of building it with your own hands!

45° Mechanical Pressing Handle
Multi gears engagement inside drives the printing press in operation smoothly.

Creative Journaling Tools
It makes journaling fun and easy, letting you get more creative without any hassle!

Designer's Journey
As one of the Four Great Inventions in China, moveable-type printing holds a prestigious position. ROKR, driven by the spirit of innovation, aims to introduce it to a wider audience. The exterior reappears the elegance of historical presses, while user-friendly features make it easy to operate. Simply press the handle, enjoy the little bear workers printing process, and witness the LED warm lights signaling a job well done. It's a meaningful blend of old-world wisdom and modern creativity.

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