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Tamiya Championship Series Qualifying Race June 8th & 9th!
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Mechanical Age; Storm Beetle

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The Storm Beetle MI03 is the second product of Rokr's DIY Mechanic Organism 3D puzzle Series after the Scout Beetle MI02. Inspired by the real stag beetle in nature, their designers combined steampunk elements with it to create a highly mechanical aesthetic stag beetle model while retaining its details, such as the body shape, the large jaws, and the wings. The main body of the beetle is made of ABS polymer structure material with good impact resistance, and the limbs are made of soft PVC material to protect the model better.

As the attacker in the team, the set-up of the stag beetle has a comprehensive and powerful attack capabilities, using the silver-painted bite pincers as the main attack weapon in close combat, and the extra-long heavy cannon on the back can also take advantage of the long-range fire in the bombardment. At the same time, the laser speed cannon on top of the stag beetle body will fire laser rounds to shoot down threatening units when encountering fire coverage, and the key parts of the six pairs of appendages are also covered with armor to avoid losing combat ability in fierce close range engagements.

After connecting the custom base, the model can be activated by gently touching the activation point at the top of the base: the membranous wings can vibrate 920 times per minute, and the two huge jaws will also clamp at a frequency of 30 times per minute, simulating the movement of real storm beetles.


  • Precision planetary wheel structure core for constant power output, speed up to 1200 rpm.
  • The constantly rotating power jets on the back of the body provide the forward momentum for the beetle.
  • They added many metal components in its membranous wings, abdomen, and other locations - to enhance the texture and achieve the membrane wing vibration, power demonstration, and other functions.
  • Silver-white painted giant jaws driven by two metal connecting rods bite left and right to defeat the enemy in front of it.
  • A drive shaft that connects the three major components of membranous wings, giant jaws and tail jet to maximize combat capability.
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