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WNM1250 Monopoly Scrabble

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Experience the totally unique gameplay of Monopoly(R) Scrabble(R)- the innovative game that combines the best elements of the Monopoly(R) game with the crossword-building play of Scrabble(R).

In place of rolling dice to move around the board, players build words and move ahead by their score. Build a word on a premium space and claim a Monopoly(R) property.

Clever gameplay twists, along with custom Community Chest and Chance cards, keep things moving at a fast pace.

The winner is the player with the highest total of cash and property value when the last letter tile is played.

Monopoly(R) Scrabble(R)- a perfect mash up of two of the world's most famous, greatest and beloved games.

2-4 players
Ages 8+

1 Quad-Fold Gameboard
5 Wooden Scrabble Tile Racks
1 Bag of 100 Wooden Scrabble Letter Tiles
Tile Storage Bag
9 Silver-Toned Monopoly Tokens
Deck of 24 Community Chest Cards
Deck of 24 Chance Cards
10 Title Deed Cards
Monopoly Money Pad (Sixty $100 bills and Sixty $500 bills)
Illustrated Rules
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